Acquiring the Skills in Skateboard

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The question how skateboards are made is not important for you if you want to learn skateboarding. You should have some skills. To start with let’s discuss some tricks which you can try at home. Let’s start with the first one. Now it’s time for trick number 1, the backside axle stall. Just like for the backside rock n roll, you’re going to ride straight up the quarter pipe and come straight back down in your normal forward stance. However, this time, instead of stalling on the center of your board, you’re going to place both trucks on the coping, starting with your back truck, tapping your front truck down momentarily, and then re-entering the quarter pipe. As you do this, make sure your back truck is situated on the coping so that the tail of your board is as far toward the inside of the ramp as possible, so that you don’t get your back wheels hung up on the coping when you try to ride back in.

Alright so let’s talk about trick number 2,which I call the fakie 360 pivot. This trick is a little easier than the rest because you’re not going to ever make contact with the top of the ramp, and you can think of it as, more or less, an extended version of a backside kick turn. Alright so to perform this one, you’re going to ride fakie up one side of the mini ramp with a little less speed than usual, and as you approach the highest point, rotate your shoulders as far as you can in a backside rotation. Then, pick your front wheels up off of the ramp, and hold them in the air for as long as possible as you pivot around on the back wheels a full 360 degrees. If you’re having trouble making it all theway around, I would recommend practicing this move on flat ground or on a flat ramp for a little while before taking it back to the quarter pipe.

Alright, so now for trick number 3, which is pretty much just a combination of the fakie 360 pivot and the rock to fakie, and it’s called the half cab rock. For this one, you’re going to ride fakie up the quarter pipe again, but with enough speed to make it to the top, and rotate your shoulders backside just like before. This time, however, after rotating the board180 degrees, place your front wheels over the coping and rock the board forward. At that point, you’re going to un weight your front foot and ride fakie back down the quarter pipe, the same way you would for a rock to fakie.

Alright so on to trick number 4, the fakie disaster. To do this trick, you’re going to bonk your back wheels off of the coping like you would for a chinese ollie on flat ground, and land with the board straddling the coping again, except this time, you’ll be facing toward the inside of the ramp. As you land, you’ll need to slide your front foot up toward the nose a little bit, because when you start to roll back in, you’ll need the extra leverage to help pick up the back wheels to keep them from getting stuck upon the coping.

Once your back wheels are clear, you can scoot your front foot back into its normal riding position and head toward the other side of the mini ramp to perform our 10th and final trick, the fly out. The technique for a fly out is very similar to a roll in, but, although requiring a lot more speed, it’s much safer and not at all as scary to do. As you reach the top of the quarter pipe with as much speed as possible, lean your body forward and breifly pick up your front wheels, allowing your back wheels to roll over the coping and into the air. Once the back wheels clear, slam all four wheels down on the deck and ride away clean.

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