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There are various skateboard design companies from where you can brought your best skateboard. We are going to learn how to do a half cab board slide on a ledge. So or this trick you need to be comfortable rolling around, rolling in fakie and you need to learn the half cab as well. I have the link in the description for the half cab if you want to learn it, go check it out. The foot position for this trick is your front foot on the tail and your back foot on the bolts because we are rolling in fakie. So you have to roll in fakie parallel with the ledge, start to turn your shoulders and pop your board and with your back foot guide your board up to the ledge and land on the middle of your board. So while you are sliding try to center to your balance over your board and hold your position until you decide to come off or if you had enough speed or you’re ready to come off all you need to do is turn your shoulders and finish your rotation with your half cab.

Try to land centered because if you lean back too much to slip out if you lean forward you have a wheel bite. So let me know in the comments below if you try this trick for you still working on it. You can subscribe and watch the weekly videos but the most important is to go out find a ledge and start to practice your half cab board slide. Go skate and have fun.

We are going to learn how to do a front side 50-50 grind. This trick is one of the most basic trick and it is really important to have it before you are moving onto learn any other skate tricks on ledges. All you need to know how to ollie while you are rolling before you try this trick. You need to pick a ledge and make sure you are able to ollie up and that will help you to learn this trick much faster. The foot position it’s like an ollie position back foot on the tail and your front foot just under the bolts. There is three phases for this trick ollie up, grind it and to come off at the end. So you want to ride close to parallel to the ledge, when you pop your ollie and with your front foot you will be able to guide your board up to the ledge.Read Here the guide to buy the best budget electric skateboard

You want both trucks on the top of the ledge with your wheels pushed at the side of the obstacle to make sure you locked your front side 50-50 and it’s just makes the perfect position for your truck to grind the ledge. Once you are on the top of the ledge and both truck grinding you just have to centre your balance over your skateboard evenly distributed on both legs. This is the moment when you will realise if you had enough speed to grind the ledge and you locked the grind or you have to jump off.

So when you grinding make sure you keep a bit of pressure on your tail and you have enough speed so when you want to come off the ledge all you have to do is lift up your front truck so you are able to roll off the ledge. You always need to adjust your speed and your ollie depending on the height of the ledge but that you will figure out after the first couple tries and you will get used to it no matter what are you trying to front side 50-50.

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