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Are you using a preschool skateboard. So before you start talking about the ride and to put him back, press twice on the right button. Ok now place to ride! Hello friends! So there you tell yourself but why I go on a roof, everything is going to make sense you’re going to see already for those who want to see the review directly, go to the time code above. You are still here, you want to see me face the void! Ok then here in this longeade must know that I always have the bag with the esk8 on the back and that I have to make sure that my weight is distributed so as not to fall into the abyss, and this is the hardest moment, the board and yes friends I received this new folding electric skateboard! So excited! So what’s in the box? lots of stuff, flyers, classic tools and a spare belt, the charger, the remote control, two wheels and more, nice! 2 hats, a t shirt, a small bag, a large bag to store the esk8and foldable electric skateboard, the linky I need to talk to you about remote control who has a grip of a few minutes already to light it, you have to press the right button for a long time, the remote will then pair with the board but you have to press the joystick twice to activate the remote control which avoids the impromptu support that can occur in the pocket.

To change the modes you have to long press the right button and choose either the purple beginner mode, the green eco mode, the blue cruise mode or the yellow sport mode and to turn off hold the 2 buttons at the same time. Ah and if you press the left button twice it lights up the light, mega practice for night wrinkles because the lighting is very powerful. So friends, clearly the ride on this board is a shot to take already as the engine is on the front left and it is by belt, the feeling is different from the other boards, on those I’ve already tested or the engine is in the back we have a feeling of propulsion but on the one rather a feeling of traction, which is not unpleasant far from it, just different. Moreover when we accelerate or brake, as the engine is only on one side, you have to get used to it as it was on yuneec ego 2.

By cons you should know that the engine on this board is hyper powerful, I was even surprised at its ability to climb even steeper slopes, and let’s talk about the acceleration, in eco mode it is very progressive, in cruise mode it is strong and in sport mode it becomes a little demon! I almost dropped the first time I used the sport mode so much that I was not expecting this power level, for the brake it’s the same, finally not as strong as acceleration but strong anyway. But I often put it in eco mode to save the battery and do more miles with. The plating of the feet is different too you have to watch or put them, but having wrinkled many times with now I got used to it, and that does not pose me any more problems. The wheels are a little soft and allow a comfortable ride on a smooth road, but as soon as there is some asperities the board vibrates a lot, especially since there is hardly any flex.

Also note that if you live in a city where there are cobblestones everywhere, this board is not for you and I do not know if you hear the noise that it’s there, because as the board is plastic we have the impression that we will break when we are on it. But I reassure you I think it’s just due to the folding system, he must have some play in it which explains the noise. The board is still robust. On the other hand the noise of the belt in action is strong, much more than yuneec, you will be noticed suddenly on the street. I also tested the board in rainy conditions, and she resists, but if you are on a slope, you want to brake, and the road is wet, the water will enter the belt and generate the brake, I advise you not to ride in the rain with rain. Well let’s go back to its big plus, its folding.

For a long time I was looking for a practical board that we can take everywhere and has a good autonomy. I had the elwing weighing less than 5kg but his autonomy is quite weak as a reminder it allows 8km distance at 32km / h and 12 at 28 km / h, while the linky is around 14km for 30km / h. But after I weigh in the 90kg, so if you weigh less you probably reach the 16 or 18 km as announced on their website. Weighing 5.5kg and the fact that it can fold up and form such a small volume is a real benefit, for me it is the possibility to put it in a bag to take it where I want on the roofs, for you it will be the same so that you can take it to the restaurant, in a bar or even in box.

And like an electric scooter, folding is easy to do, it only has to declip, fold in 2, retract the back and lock to transport and I think that the board has mouth, it does not follow the lines of a long board classic, but you will be sure to draw the eyes of passers-by on you. So to conclude, this board has many negative points such as its lack of flex, its noise during the ride, its rather cheap plastic-based material for the frame, its strap that de rape with the water, and I also noticed that up the belt can “miss a tooth” and suddenly we will be completely destabilized for a fraction of a second, I think this is rather due to my weight and when I push hard on the acceleration. I did not notice a disconnection anyway also I regret that there is no handle dediĆ©e to transport the board and that you must get your hands dirty whenever you want to fold or unfold it and I noticed that this part stops jumping when you ride and that part looks broken.

But after having the same thing on several other reviews I concluded that it was normal. Good but apart from all these negative points, I think that his folding side wins over a lot of his points, other positive points so, its low weight, its compact size, its aesthetics, its good speed and autonomy, its powerful acceleration, its ease of folding and its light. The service is great too, these guys are answering you in the day, hyper reactive, they are based in italy so if there is a problem with the board you can return them your board oklm. The fact that they include a belt, and extra wheels is a plus too. So the conclusion of the conclusion, yes she has disadvantages, but its benefits are worth it.

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