Relentless Principal Uses UFC & Skateboards to Save a Failing School

Skateboard to Save

Do you need skateboard illustrators or you can learn skateboarding by yourself. The essence of school is preparing kids for life. You know, preparing them for something bigger, to be part of something special, to make a difference in the world, you know? Life is about the opportunity you have to impact the world around you. Yes, thank you for telling me. So we need to be that positive influence and that positive message. Cause they might not get that somewhere else. Fred Lynn was considered one of the toughest schools in the state of Virginia. Our kids have been through a lot, poverty, crime, violence. You know, we’re really on a mission to show the world what can truly happen when you believe in your kids. Being a great teacher is hard work. You have the hardest job on the planet.

But what I’m going to tell you is, I’ve seen some things with some negativities creeping in and I don’t want it. Our kids are not getting any favors, our kids have it hard enough as it is. So we have to do something different because some of our results have not changed. We got work to do. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Get to class, get to class! Let’s go, get to class, let’s go! I’ve put a lot of energy and effort into running around the building chasing kids down the corridors to ensure that shift in culture. Five, four, sitting down, three, two. I still see folders in the middle here. Tidy it up! So I’m not going to hear peep out here again, am I? Get to work.

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Before I got here to Fred Lynn, we’d been unaccredited for a number of years. Becoming an accredited school means that you’re meeting some minimum required academic performance levels. We’re on a mission to give a school back to its community. It is hard to be an authentic, relevant, teacher every day. You know why? Because it takes preparation, it takes effort, it takes time. Year after year, we failed. The kids start to feel it, the teachers start to feel it. Are we going to fail again? It’s hard to get up everyday and thinking like the world thinks you’re going to fail. If it’s good for kids, and it’s good for education and it was easy with that idea of relentless to take over. What do you think? Did you guys help put them together for me? This is awesome. Skateboard program is about advocating for every child.

I’ll take two of them now. You know the one thing about skateboarding back in the day was, they were the bad kids, don’t hang out with them. Whereas we’re trying to say that every kids deserves to just be able to be themselves. So, we do it by giving away skateboards. He most important thing that takes place in a school is relationships. Nothing moves without a relationship and we said love was going to be at the top of the list. That was a key component that we had to get back to. Leading and teaching through love. I couldn’t be more proud of you. This is not your traditional size soccer game. We have 60to 80 kids all the time. They just love soccer so, we let them play.

When they come here, in order to come to soccer club, they have to do two days of academic time so, the way we get them in to do some academics, some math and language arts is by having them play soccer so if they weren’t here, they definitely wouldn’t be getting their math and language arts tutoring. It is, it’s a win, win. Good kick Stephanie! We get better test scores, homework gets done and those, those relationships that you build out here, translate into the classroom, into the hallway. Some of the best affordable electric skateboard. These kids, I can tell them many thing and they’ll listen ’cause they see us out here having fun. The last day of school is like going into the 1920’s. The last day of school is like the end of World War I. The whole school year is done.

No more homework. There’s this cultural change at Fred Lynn. We’ve moved in the past from all these struggles and things and now we have kids working really hard in the classroom. So what we do is, because of this cultural change, the kids need a big push. They want to see cool things. This is when you find out who you are and how successful you’re going to be. It’s when your tired, you don’t want to take a test, you don’t want to study your books anymore, you don’t want to think about all that stuff, that’s what’s going to make you guys better. Right? Sometimes we not always going to be successful, not every single time, your going to win some, your going to lose some, but as long, at the end of the day you know, I did everything possible to achieve my goal. You can live with what the results are going to be.

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