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Do you need a skateboard tutor. You can learn a lot of skills by just practicing and learning from watching your friends skateboarding. Ollie is one of the basic tricks needed in sports skateboard. Ollie is one of the mandatory tricks that must be mastered by all sports players. This trick is called mandatory because through this trick, skaters can develop their ability to learn various types of skateboard tricks and also the popping ollie movement which is needed as a basis for doing various tricks on the skate board later to learn tricks ollie required various abilities like being able to push properly. Because to learn a skateboarding trick the ability to balance the body on a skateboard is needed.

To get the balance on the board You can learn the 3 basic skateboarding like pushing Tick ​​tack and also turning.These three abilities will help you get balance on the skate board. The basis of the movement of this Ollie trick is Popping and the front foot does push until landing and it will look like this. First we start from the position of the foot Place your back foot right in the middle of the tail skateboard.

Don’t make it a habit to put your feet with origin in the popping area because it can affect the movement of your board. After that position your front legs not too tight and also not too wide. The ideal position to learn this trick is put your front foot between the bolt or behind the last bolt with this ideal foot position will help you learn the trick (Ollie). If you study with position of the feet that are too tight. Then your Ollie will look like this and if you study with your feet too wide then your ollie will also look like this. Of course the two things will trouble you inside popping and pushing.

So after putting the foot in the right position start getting used to popping Don’t be too rushed for do it high Just do popping, and your front foot just hold it while jumping without needing to push to prevent the board from being vertical because it would be dangerous after you get used to the popping movement and start feeling balanced to do it. You can try it while walking do that until you get balance both in the silent position and while walking. Next is the motion of pushing the board with front legs all you have to remember is we have to push our board right in the middle of the nose skateboard. Do not point your board towards the fold because it will lead flip movement. When jumping after popping set our body position towards skateboard board nose Don’t let our body position towards the tail because it will be very difficult. The position of our body that is nose skateboarding will move our weight to the front position while doing encouragement and it will look like this. Such a body position will help us. Overcoming problems like a sloping ollie, whether it’s to the right or tilted to the left. After you get used to popping and encouragement all you need to do is practice, both from the position silent or walking. Here is a proper guide about the best electric skateboard.

Do it with normal speed do not be too hasty, because it will be very difficult. Get used to landing with a position feet that are not tight and also do not widen. Because both can have a bad effect like a broken board or injury to the angkle getting used to landing properly is difficult but it is something that can be forced. The conclusion is Before learning this trick. We need balance on the board. That we can get By learning the 3 basic skateboarding, namely Pushing Tick ​​tack and also turning. After that we must know ideal foot position to learn this Ollie trick after we know the ideal foot position. We only need to get used to doing popping movements and after that we have to get used to it to do encouragement. Of course with jumping. Learn this trick by step by step! Starting from popping. Do encouragement. Until landing correctly.

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