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Don’t go on for searching terms on internet like tumblr skateboard or any other to know about skateboarding. You have to understand it first. We’re going to be going over the top things that I wish I knew when I first started skateboarding. Alright, so the first thing I want you guys to keep in mind is that you don’t have to be good at skateboarding to get good at skateboarding. Most people who’ve never tried skateboarding before will assume that good skateboarders just have a natural talent for the sport, but that they themselves are too uncoordinated to ever be able to do any complicated skateboarding tricks, but the reality is, talented skateboarders are able to do what they do because of practice. If you think it’d be fun to ride a skateboard, and trust me it definitely is, you can absolutely learn how to do it. Just remember that it feels impossible to everybody at first, but you can cut out a lot time practicing things incorrectly if you have a good mentor.

On that note, let’s talk about number 2, which is: the most danger you’re ever going to be in on a skateboard is probably going to be the first time you step on one. The most common reason that people get injured while riding a skateboard is that they’re trying something new that they’re completely unfamiliar with, and not only do they not know how to keep their balance on the board, but they also don’t know how to fall properly yet. Being able to fall without getting hurt is without question an essential skill to have while riding a skateboard, so take your time as you push yourself past your boundaries, and try your best not to get into any situation where you wouldn’t be able to fall without getting hurt. Your very first time on a skateboard, you should start off with the board on top of a piece of carpet, and once you move on to concrete, try to have someone stand or walk next to you so that they can catch you when you start to fall and please guys, do me a favor and wear protective gear.

Alright so that brings us to number 3, which is, skating by yourself can be a lot of fun, but skating with your friends is even better. One of the things I love about skate boarding is that you are in complete control of how well you’re going to perform and you can still have a great time even if your friends are too tired to come to the skate park, but you really should go out of your way to try to convince them to come with you, or just make friends once you get there, because you’re going to have a lot more fun and the peer pressure can really help you step outside of your comfort zone and learn tricks that you might not have even known existed in the first place.

Now, number 4 is a really important one: The ollie is not the first trick that you should learn on a skateboard. Technically speaking, the ollie is actually a pretty complicated maneuver that can take a good amount of time to learn, but it will be a lot easier to do if you start out learning other maneuvers that will give you practice with board control. For a full list of tricks that you can, and should spend some time working on before you put a lot of time into your ollie, you can watch the tutorials in this playlist.

Now, for number 5, this one is especially for the skaters out there who are, like me, a little heavier than the average skateboarder. Learn how to land with your feet directly over top of the wheels as early on as you can. Nothing breaks boards faster than landing with your feet in the middle or on one of the edges of the board, and after you break your board a few times, the sport can start to get a little expensive.

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