Becoming the Real Skateboarders

For all of us posers skateboarding is not good. So waiting is insane. So we’re going to do now. We’re going to take these middle wheels off. So then that we can try to see about grinding which is probably going to be crazy trying to relearn. How to walk so what we’re going to do now is try to hope that we can grind in this little spot right here. This is a really really cheap plastic. So she’d be interesting to see what happens.

If I was like just certainly how to skate and I didn’t have those kind of skates and I’ve wanted to do it. So good this is exactly what I would do I would take whatever skate. I got take the wheels out and start groaning too exact day I stopped rollerblading. I was doing a the front side slide and I tried to get out and it didn’t work. I like ran in the air and then I don’t know for some reason my hands were like this and my head just went mmm and I just like that the biggest knot in my head and I was like yep I’m done with my rollerblading career. Yeah let’s go let’s go to the top of here now then took the brake off it feels a lot more there’s only a weird space to grind on here. They’re not really meant to do it so it’s hard but as good as this fine is safe up here just go dude. If that was me I would have been like 10 feet that way already down the stairs damn it.

If you’re going this way it’s a front side okay hey get him get his back I was like super scared you saw earlier. So it’s like a tow. I would like to go home. I would like you to send me free home. So I can go and take a nap that was amazing and terrified at the same time. The main thing is my biggest fear. Since you can’t kick out with blades is like landing and then just eject. Osito cuz every time that I’ve been jumping I’ve noticed that the frame is coming off. So this has to be locked. So every time I’ve been jumping and doing something the frame skates been coming off hey. You guys know the first time he fell down this just like when you turn and you look in your life. He came up out of the skate. Oh no as soon as I turned like my whole like this whole liner part came about it. oh my god that’s the definition of full sand right there how far this jump is long-distance jumping I think surprisingly have held up.

I thought they were going to explode. I thought they were going to explode that we all agree we thought the skates are going to explode. Hey how far you think he’s going to get Nigel make your prediction I was pretty much right that was like right here which is far as all hell that is good 1215 feet. Right there to lose right there that is for all right. I’m going to be the marker did you freakin flies on those things man did. you fall I I did all that well the angle looked good for a second almost 17 feet 17 feet 17 feet if. I ran as fast as I could on my bare feet and jumped. I definitely could not make that. I could try James about to try to jump this long jump right here. I don’t get how you boost it like that it’s about 14 feet right there. A half or 2 feet after what he already just did you win you win. oh my yeah you would say though after testing these out for beginners not that bad dog perfect for a beginner is perfect for beginners her for entry level.

Just you got to work with what you got yeah be grateful for that exactly that’s why. We tell you guys if you get like a Walmart board it’s not the best but if you’re learning how to skateboard you can ollie on it and it’s whatever obviously. My you’re doing something that someone else isn’t doing. So just start there exactly I think. We can call it there okay Rosi be skates thank you sir. Hey feet on the cheapest blades on Amazon they’re not even like professional blades and he boosted 18 feet. I can’t jump that far on my own feet unbelievable shout out everything my friend cuz.

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