How to do a Fakie Tail Stall on a Skateboard


Don’t confuse with the terms iphone skateboard. They are different terms. I’m going to teach you how to do a mini ramp skateboarding trick called a fakie tail stall. A tail stall is a lip trick that involves balancing on just the tail of your board on the coping of a quarter pipe. The easiest way to learn them is when you’re riding fakie, because you don’t have to worry about turning the board to be in the tail stall position. The tail stall is probably the first fakie maneuver you’ll want to learn on a mini ramp because it sets you up perfectly to drop in and ride forward again. Before learning it, make sure you’re already comfortable dropping in and just riding fakie in a mini ramp.

If you already know how to do rock to fakies, it’ll make it a lot easier for you to approach the opposite side of the mini ramp with the right amount of speed to do a fakie tail stall. The first thing I want you to do is to take your board down to the flat part at the bottom of the ramp, and practice the motion of setting your tail down on the ground. While you’re doing this, think about what’s happening with your legs and upper body. You’ll notice that you don’t have to lean back with your upper body very much at all, and if you do, you’ll end up falling off the back of the board. Instead, you accomplish this by bending your front knee and letting your back foot fall to the ground.

This is exactly the motion you’ll want to use when you do a fakie tail stall. Next, you should practice them on a flat ramp. Ride fakie part way up the ramp, and as you come to a stop at your highest point, bendat your knee again to tip the board onto the tail, and then drop back in. On a quarter pipe, you’re going to do the stall at the very top of the ramp, but on a bank, it’s very easy for your back wheels to roll over the top, so practice your stalls about halfway up the ramp for now. OK, so once you’ve got those dialed in, it’s time to take it to a quarter pipe. Ride fakie up the quarter pipe like you did on the flat ramp, making sure you have enough speed to get your board all the way up to the coping this time.

Just before your wheels get to the top, bend your front knee again and set the tail down on the deck. Make sure to keep your body weight on the inside of the ramp; you don’t need to stand all the way up on your back foot. When you set the tail down, try to avoid letting the heel of your back foot touch the deck. Now you can just reverse that whole motion to drop back in and continue on to your next trick. If you’re having trouble with the board shooting out on you as you tilt the board back, focus on keeping your body weight farther inside the ramp and instead, bend your front knee more to rotate the board around the back wheels. If you can’t keep your front foot on once you get into the stall, you just need to approach with less speed. Once you get them all figured out, you can start practicing some of these tail stall variations.

Skateboarding for a Girl

When you were a little kid, was there ever something you’d wish you could do?  For me,  it was skateboarding. We might not be cool or athletic,  but for the next month, we will skateboard every day. I drew blood. My leg fucking kills.  Skateboarding!  When I was a kid, anyone I knew that skateboarded was a boy. There weren’t any girls around me who skated. So, I was like, hell no. I guess I’m worried about not being seen as tough enough. I think that it would be a really great mind exercise to just try and psych myself into doing things that I’m afraid of. I want to be fearless on a skateboard.

 I’m doing this to fulfill a childhood dream.  I hope I don’t die. We’re at LA Skate, about to get our boards. Pretty excited. A lot to choose from. The type of boards you want, if you want to learn how to ollie, probably the best choice for you is not to go bigger than an eight. So, we’d go eight, seven, seven five, seven, eight, nine, and then seven five and seven six.

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