How to do a Frontside 180 Ollie on a Skateboard MADE EASY

Front Side Skateboarding

Do you think you can learn skateboarding by simply skateboard game download. That’s not true. You have be practical and enjoy it. I’m going to show you how to do a variation of the ollie called the front side 180 ollie. During this trick, you and your board are going to be rotating 180 degrees front side, so that halfway through your rotation, your body will be facing forward. For this reason, a lot of people find this variation of the 180 ollie slightly easier to learn first when compared to the back side version. A couple of prerequisites for this trick would be standard ollies and front side reverts. You can check out these videos if you still need help on either of those. Front side 180s are a lot easier to perform while moving, so before you get started, make sure you’ve developed your standard Ollie well enough that you can pop them fairly high into the air and do the m while moving.

Before we get started, let’s take a quick look at what happens during a front side revert. Pay very close attention to what you’re doing with your upper body before and during the maneuver. You’ll notice that you have to rotate your shoulders first before you can do the same with your legs. Alright, so let’s get to that front side 180. The foot positioning is almost the same as for a regular ollie, except this time, your front foot is going to be placed a little farther toe-side, and your back foot is going to be placed a little farther heel-side than you’re used to. Now, push off to get a little bit of speed, get your feet into position, and as you crouch down to prepare for your 180, wind your arms and shoulders up in a backside rotation.

As you unwind your upper body, jump up and perform an ollie just as you normally would, while swinging your hips and legs around to follow your shoulders. As you land, finish rotating your upper body and roll away in your fakie stance. At first, you can just focus on getting the board to rotate a little bit, even if that means you have to immediately step off the board when you land. Then, try to keep pushing yourself to rotate more and more until you’re able to rotate the board the full 180 degrees. A good way to practice this motion would be to do your 180s at the top of a flat ramp like this. Approach the ramp front side and at an angle that is appropriate for your skill level. So if you’re just starting out, you may want to ride almost perfectly alongside the ramp.

Now, as you reach your highest point, popan ollie with a slight rotation so that when you land, you’ll be riding back down the ramp. As you get better, work your way up to riding straight up the ramp, doing a 180 at the top, and riding straight back down again. Once you get pretty good at that, you can go back to trying them on flat ground. With a few good practice sessions, you should eventually be able to whip the board around the entire 180 degrees. Focus on really unwinding your shoulders hard and try to level out your ollie as soon as possible so that your board will stick to your feet as you rotate them. If you have trouble staying over the board as you try this maneuver, the most likely cause is that you’re not balanced over your board right before you pop your ollie. Make sure you’re centered over the board as your twist your shoulders, and if the board keeps shooting out from underneath you in one particular direction, try to lean a little bit more in that direction as you start the trick. If you’re having trouble getting the board to spin all the way around underneath you, positioning your back foot even more heel-side as you pop the trick will help it rotate further.

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