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Working with Skateboarding

Do you want to learn skateboard canvas prints or you want to learn skateboarding. We are heading to a top secret place, so this is why we had to blindfold them like this, so just keep on watching and be excited! This is going to be a great episode! So guys, let me introduce your today´s coach Arnost Ceral to you. To learn how to skate, first of all you need a skateboard and we have a complete one for you, that you can assemble together with Arnost and then you can ride. You were given the best you could right at the beginning! Hehe. Before we started riding, we talked a bit to Petr who never rode a skateboard before. So the first thing we looked at was to make clear which side is which. The back kicktail of your skateboard is the tail, the front kick tail is the nose.

So we have explained Petr how to ride goofy, regular, fakie, nollie and so on. Ollie Then we have switch ollie Then we have nollie Then we have fakie This is insane! Abracadabra, next we have dabraca, simsalabim and other crazy stuff going on. Eventually we started explaining how to. Later on, Arnost started showing pushes, so we rode through the whole place and learned how to push, how to stand on the deck and so on. Of course when you push, you stretch the back leg, but then you relax it again. Your foot should not poke out over the edge of the deck. Great! Great! Hold on! Once I took over the lesson, we did turns on the banks, which are the angled obstacles, so we made upward turns and then we linked it all together. We have also learned how to take off with both feet on the skateboard, to push from one side to another and gradually start riding.

These are the basics, it doesn’t make sense to do too many tricks, it is better to focus on the basic stuff, so you know what to do when you take off instead of running after the skateboard. And that is pretty much it for the first day. Now it’s time to improve the skills by riding more often. So, are you going to skate? When do you plan to try again? Tomorrow? – I’m going tomorrow, that’s for sure!- Great, great, okay. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start riding? Because you just finished your first day. My advice would be to find someone like Arnost for the start. It is great to be with someone who rides well. Yeah, for sure. Someone who can show you the basic moves and how to stand on the deck. That is 100% true! It is time to say goodbye.

It will go on that side If I put my weight on the front side, It will go on this side if I put my weight on the back side then it will go on this side well! this one is very easy way this one I have even learned while riding But there is another way of turning if you want to take a large turn And I don’t know this one In this what you have to do is put your one foot on the back and the another one on the front in this position and then put your weight on the back foot and then it will goes up from the front and then turn it now It’s time to practice this it’s very easy and I think that I don’t have to practice it too much I think I just have to practice it today and only and I will be able to do this now move on to the fifth trick and that is breaking stopping skateboard but I am not be able to do this because of this happened I went to but this But I didn’t find anywhere like this one because it’s own is very different Because when I was learning pushing, I have to stop the skate board So I have learned it on that time and it’s very easy, it’s not that difficult But I am upset about something else In my last video the out that I made.

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