Trying a Kid Skateboard

Focussing Skateboard

Do you want to focus skateboarding. We’ve been selling like child sized kid size everyone. I call skateboards not doing it. I’m going to test out. It’s just one of our youth skateboards. I think that’s the better name for it. Here’s my normal-sized board there’s a brand new Youth complete from revive. Let’s just look at the differences and we’ll get Brian Eames if he’s willing to talk about the dude the specifics when you put a side-by-side. It doesn’t look like that big of a difference but it’s smaller in every aspect which is good for like. You know when you’re when you’re a tinier person you’re still growing in the world and you want a skateboard that doesn’t feel like it’s a boat. You get a youth skateboard you can control it better and it’s a good thing to learn on but I’m full-size so that’s it is tiny look at my feet on this. It’s a good it’s a good situation. It feels great now what are my feet on this yeah. You see the toe hang on visually and feely okay. If you were me if you were feeling your skateboard. It’s tooth pick for me which is going to be really fun.

Just to see what kind of tricks I can do that are easier on this that are more difficult on a full-size board for me but Brian Ames this is pretty standard skateboard size is an 8 inch deck and is 31 and 3/4 31 – third one and a half inches long. That’s a very standard in the skateboard size these are 53 millimeter wheels which again that’s pretty. That’s in prior our most popular wheel size right because you are 53 yeah with the youth completes it is a 1 7 2 5 7 2 5 that’s really skinny and then how 22 28 inches. you’re missing three and a half inches and then it is not even a full inch three quarters of an inch smaller than this deck and that might not sound like a lot but if you step on both these boards it’s humid shocking. Oh by the way the wheels are 51 millimeter. What are the trucks I don’t. So we’re just going to see what you can do on it but if you’re actually a younger person this can be super beneficial but I’m just going to have fun and see what I can do on it today.

We do have these if you’re interested in this beyond just being entertained we have these in strict order. Calm I’ll tell you all that stuff later let’s flip this gate work this is heart I’ll do that again that pop it all. Good I kick move right heated over flip. First although it’ll be easier to double flip. That’s for sure. Oh my gosh that was better than mine that’s really good even quicker than me. Wow did you forget how to do a triple flip this. Okay we did our double flips I’m just going to do some three flips maybe try it 540 flip. I don’t know we’ll just do some flip tricks and then we’ll move on to some grinder ease. It was smooth and sloppy all the same look does it look as sweaty as I am a little bit. I tried that for five minutes right that was cool oh. Let me show you one more flip trick Avenue up five tries if I fail that’s fine but that will do the grind Yuri okay.

That was going to it’s fine those are always easier with tinier boards for me. It wasn’t good looking but it was looking and we all looked except somebody probably missed in there. Like what did I miss you can are whined where can you your mouse might have just broken. If that happened the same time I’m sorry I promise wasn’t much. Let me get the rail out for tricks this. Literally as if like somebody just made a popsicle stick bigger and that’s what you got it feels so babyish but if you’re a foot and a half shorter than me it’s probably easiest way to do a triple flip ever that was just a double. If you look nice does a good double what does this double there’s bad triple flip. Garrett who has not stated in like six months like always triple flip it and I think you can too I probably think you can more than he can.

so I’m happy I got the 540 I’m so happy a triple flip happen because it needed to happen it’s doable this board I was just having trouble when I tried it Garrett is just insanely talented at everything but either way if you guys are actually if you are a smaller person or just younger days and want to start skateboarding. This is an actual good thing for you. If you’re big like us and you want to try to do really crazy tricks that you have difficulty doing it might be easier in this board. Just fund the screw round on this is available at our skate shop on the other side of that wall. The Shred quarters calm you can order anywhere in the world.

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